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Consultation on jewelry processing

Turn your desired jadeite into jewelry. Skilled craftsmen carefully finish each piece.

No two pieces of jadeite are alike.

Therefore, the shape and weight of each loose or engraved pendant must be calculated and processed into jewelry.

Adding metal processing to rare jadeite pieces is a very delicate process that requires the skills of a skilled craftsman.

​Unlike the process of simply joining mass-produced parts together, the work is completely custom-made after receiving your order, so it will take some time for delivery. , we process the only jewelry in the world so that you can use it with peace of mind even if you use it for a long time.

【how to order】

1. We will give you an estimate.

Select your desired item, metal, design, etc.Please let us know using the format below.

2. Consultation on quotation and design details,confirmation

As soon as the estimate is ready, we will contact you.

3. Order



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