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日本製/Made in Japan



SPIRITS OF FORESTは、日本の職人によって丹精込めて制作された、18Kゴールドで手作りされた翡翠のネックレスです。大自然の魂を表現しています。满緑の翡翠は、厳選され、深い輝きを放ち、まるで森の中の葉のようです。



"SPIRITS OF FOREST" is a jadeite necklace meticulously crafted by Japanese artisans, hand-set in 18K gold, showcasing the soul of nature. Carefully selected vivid green jadeite emits a deep, enchanting radiance, resembling leaves in a forest.

The necklace boasts a unique design, featuring an adjustable extension chain for a comfortable fit around the neck, suitable for various occasions. It is not merely a piece of jewelry; it is a tribute from the designer to nature, allowing the wearer to harmonize with nature and experience the wonders of life. It symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature, and within its brilliance, one can find a connection with nature. Through this necklace, one can feel the designer's profound respect and love for life.


《SPIRITS OF FOREST》 是一款由日本職人精心製作,使用18K黃金手工鑲嵌的翡翠項鍊,展現了大自然的靈魂。精選的滿綠翡翠,色彩鮮豔,散發出深邃光芒,猶如森林中的樹葉。


翡翠ネックレス 【SPIRITS OF FOREST】95271/2498

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